Girls' Night Needed!

One of my friends spends ALL her time with her boyfriend... they even live together. She never makes time for our group of friends anymore. At first we let it slide because we thought it was just a honeymoon stage, but it’s clear she has no interest in ever having a girls’ night out with us. Do we suck up our pride and talk to the person who obviously doesn’t want to hang out with us or just ignore it because hey, it sucks for her!

expensive friends!

Whenever me and my friend go out to dinner, we always split the bill evenly even if she’s the only one who had wine or an entrée. How do I tell her I only want to pay for my meal without seeming really cheap?

my girl is getting married WAY too young

My best friend is 22 years old and just got engaged to her college boyfriend of 4 years. I realize they’ve been going out awhile but I’m mature enough to realize there’s so much more we have to learn about ourselves before we can be with someone else. I don’t know why they had to rush into this big step. The whole situation is really annoying me and I want to stop her before she makes a mistake and gets a divorce by 26 years old. Do I say something to her?