Where Art Thou Paris Hilton?
In the days of Kim Kardashian and the rest of her clan... many of us have seemed to forget that before there was Kim and her curves and her caked on face, there was her skinny and blonde ex-friend, Paris Hilton.
Once the front page cover story, she's now either hiding out to show she's better than that... or doing business as usual but we (and the press) just don't care anymore.  This is what happens when you go overboard in branding yourself.  I once wondered who the girl in pink with her mini dog in the pocketbook really was.  All I saw were photos on people.com and clips on TMZ.  The second she hit TV... and then hit it again with a failing show.. I lost interest.  I now knew her, her personality, and to be frank, it was pretty predictable.
The Kardashians are getting there too.  What was once amusing and intriguing to watch is now over-played and over-reported about.  I don't need to watch their show to know that Kim and Kris eventually end their marriage.  I read about it before it even aired.  The only reason they've had this much lasting power is that it's not just one brand named Kim; it's an entire family we get to watch with each one starring in their own plot. 
Soon enough though, I'll get to know each family as much as I know Paris... and the next nobody socialite will take their place.  Who could it be? 
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