Baby, It’s Cold Outside... Fun Winter Activities

1. An obvious one, but skiing or snowboarding (and ice skating!) are great for day trips or weekend getaways.  Not so brilliant on two feet?  Try out snow tubing… just as fun.  Or forget the athletics completely and cozy up in the ski lodge or the outdoor hot tub with your guy.  Single?  Ski resorts are swarming with hot, rugged men just waiting to get a beer after a long day on the slopes.

Why Do We Beat Up Ourselves About Watching Reality TV?

We pretend we aren't obsessed with Teen Mom or snicker when someone brings up staying home to watch The Bachelor.  Regular sitcoms don’t seem to get this bad reputation.  Is it because they have some cheesy lesson that's learned at the end?  I think I learn more real life lessons from watching reality TV then I ever would from the dream world of Friends.  Don't get me wrong, I love non-reality shows just as much as reality, but why do I have to hide my love...!?

Never Having To Say You're Sorry

Never Say Sorry...

1. For wanting one more slice of cake...

2. That you also have the same crush as your best friend!

3. For paying retail. Sometimes it's worth it.

Not Just A Bad Day

Everyone has had that bad day, or week, or year. Your grandpa died, your boyfriend broke your heart, you lost your job, you lost your mind, you gained weight, you gained stress, you wanted to crawl into your blankets... and never get out. Time seems like it's never moving and like you'll never get over this hump. Every one's life around you seems easier, carefree, perfect.

Getting over the Hump of your Slump :: Dealing with Depression

Sometimes we fall into slumps over bad things happening in our lives, sometimes we fall into it for no reason at all... but the black hole does end eventually.
Here are some tips to help you get over dark hump in your life and to get yourself happy and loving life again: