Shit show (typical)

Alright where to start.  Friday night, i went to happy hour with my co-worker, Rich, who is not single but is definitely a good wingman... always down for anything and to talk to anyone.  of course, my first official night back and there's no women in sight.  (maybe we picked the wrong bar?) so we ended up talking to the bartender for most of the night who was smoking hot.  boobs all over the place.  Basically wearing daisy dukes and im pretty positive that was NOT the dress code.  it was all very cliche.  Rich had explained my 'situation,' as he likes to call it (AKA back in the dating world and lacks any sort of decent game)... and she played the "i pity you so ill give you my number card."  I wasn’t feeling her potential girlfriend-ness, so I doubt ill call, but it was definitely really good practice for the 1st night back.


Saturday night, I was out with my whole crew and it turned into a shitshow.  Needless to say, if I did talk to any girls, I don’t remember.  I’m also sure any girl of quality was not talking to the kid with a half unbuttoned shirt slurring his words.   I wish I could give you more details, but when I look back all I remember is a lot of [bad] dancing and shots of Jameson.

I haven’t had one of those nights in a very, very long time.  Sunday was not fun between looking at my credit card statement and my attempt at recovery. 

Welcome back Mike.  Great. 

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