What's with me?

So Friday night, I went to a happy hour surprise 30th party...  and surprise!  there were about 10 single decent (even good looking) girls there.  where have they been all this time!?  So here I am, ecstatic that there's finally potential and I'm getting introduced to a few of them and I swear one came off more desperate than the rest.  Now, I'm not going to be an age-ist and say that it's probably because they were all in their upper 20s or lower 30s, but i see a definite difference between them and the 22 yr old girls I meet in bars. 


Note to girls reading this!! -- we smell desperation. 

They all just seemed to ask the same questions... where do you work, where do you live, who do you live with... they might as well have just come out and said 'are you rich and single?'  None of them left any mystery or anything left to wonder...

I don't know... maybeeee I am overanalyzing... but I think when you meet a potential guy, you need a back off a little and let him do the chasing. Anyway, so I wasn't into any of the 10 single girls (typical.) and ended up leaving around midnight because I was shot from work that week.

Saturday, just went to my friend, Bryan's, apartment and drank there.  He had some people over and we all had a pretty good time. A few cute girls there but again nothing to write home about.... what's with me!?  Is it the impending winter blues that's making me nuts and picky or is no one measuring up to my too high standards...

until next time :)

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